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Finding the perfect wedding dress in Cleveland can be a process. We’re here to make sure it’s a fun one! Here are some tips to think about before you start your search for the perfect bridal gown:

Look for your style.

Marigold by Claire la Faye
Marigold by Claire la Faye

If you wear a lot of cotton t-shirts and jeans or comfy leggings, you probably don’t want a dress that makes you feel too constricted. You may find the prefect option with a fit and flare silk dress with just a touch of spandex, a lace t-shirt and a tulle skirt, or a gown with a fuller skirt lined in a soft organic cotton. If you always have a great set of accessories and can find the perfect statement necklace for any outfit you wear, you might want to make sure you get that little something extra for your wedding day outfit too.

The best part is that there are no rules for what you wear on your wedding day (no matter what you’ve heard otherwise). That something extra can be added to a princess-sized ballgown or a chic pant suit. Your style can be classic, creative, and all you at the same time. Or you can go all out and make it something no one’s ever seen before.

Shop the way you like to shop.

Marie by Celia Grace
Marie by Celia Grace

You don’t have to take a big group of bridesmaids and make a day of it. Unless that sounds like a blast to you! You can go to every store in Ohio or find your dress during your first bridal appointment. It just depends on what will make you happy and confident in what you end up buying.

You can do a first appointment with just a friend then bring everyone back to see the three finalists. You can pack the appointments into a whirlwind weekend or spread them out one at a time. Bring a portfolio of your favorite fits and bridal designers or let the bridal stylist make the suggestions. Just be aware that if it’s not the way you like to approach things, you may not love it. If you’re really vocal about what you like in your fashion and know what look you want, don’t let the stylist suggest everything. If you hate long shopping trips, don’t plan a full Saturday. It’s your wedding dress search. You can direct it any way you want!

Lilly skirt by Theia
Lilly skirt by Theia

Give yourself a break.

Wedding dress shopping is a process, even if you buy the first dress you try on. Give yourself the freedom to explore your different styles. (Unless you are Mark Zuckerberg, you probably have a variety of outfits you wear depending on the day!)

Try on some styles you aren’t sure are your best fits. You’ll be surprised how much altering an outfit can make it flattering. We don’t alter the things we buy every day, so we may be more limited with regular clothes shopping than with wedding dresses. For example, I can’t wear a pencil skirt from a typical store. My hips are just too wide for my waist in regular sizing. But I can pull off a fit and flare once it’s altered to fit me and look good doing it!

You may cry. You may not. You may get butterflies. You may not! There is no perfect fairytale story, just a story that’s perfect for you.

And most stores will tell you to shop 9-12 months before your wedding at the latest because it takes 6-9 months to get a dress in. We can turn around orders in about half the time, but since you may be looking at other stores you probably want to start around then. Don’t panic if your wedding’s sooner than that. Like they say, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago but the second best time is today. We can often rush a dress order or find a dress sample to buy off the rack. Just give us a call!

Basically, relax, have fun, and stay true to what makes you, you!